How to Spit Shine Men’s Dress Shoes

To spit shine men’s dress shoes, it’s a little bit more precise than your basic polish and shine. You need to be attentive to every detail, be comfortable and grab yourself a chair because it may take time to achieve this.

- The first thing you need to do is to prepare the shoes for men and keep them ready to shine. It’s your basic clean off the dust and debris with any damp piece of cloth or brush. Use small circular motions to even apply one layer of polish on the leather shoes. You need to let them dry for about 15 to 20 minutes before starting off the next stage.

- The next is for you to use a damp cloth and try to make all the polish sink in to the shoes by rolling the cloth around your fingers and applying a little bit of pressure while successfully distributing the polish evenly on the shoes. Just dip a piece of cloth into a cup of water to make it moist, this way, all of the polish on the shoes won’t go with the piece of cloth. If you want, instead of water you can use rubbing alcohol.

- The third step towards spit shining men’s dress shoes is for you to buff them and this is about finesse. You can use a cotton ball or damp cloth; slowly buff the first layer of polish using the same old small circular motion. This is where you take your time; speed is not a good quality at this point of spit shining. To get a perfect result, you have to start from the toe and work your way to the heels.

- The next stage is about applying the second layer of polish. To do this, you need to dip an old t-shirt or cotton ball in a dish of wash and make sure it’s not dripping. You just need it to be damp enough to apply the polish on. Use the damp cloth to apply a very light second layer of polish on the completely dry polished shoes. Use the same circular slow motion to apply this polish until you see a hazy shine.

- If you have not gotten that hazy shine that you seek, it is recommended that you keep applying just light layers of polish to your men’s dress shoes until you have received the desired aim.

- Do not apply thick layers during this phase of spit shine; you only need multiple light layers to get a glassy or hazy shine. You can even buff the shoes one more time if you desire.

You Can Find Cheaper Shoes Online

You may be looking to cut costs in some areas when purchasing items. That’s understandable, given the current economic climate.

Although some costs have been rising unavoidably, there are some areas where it’s certainly possible to make savings. One such area is when it comes to purchasing clothing and accessories online.

This may sound surprising. After all, if costs in most industries have been rising then why wouldn’t clothing prices be increasing too?

The reality is that the clothing sector has been hit by increased costs. Raw materials have increased, as have petrol prices, meaning that manufacturing and distribution costs are now considerably higher.

If we look at one area of clothing – shoes – we can see how the industry is reacting.

With consumers having less money available to spend, shoe retailers have been worried by the thought that they may have less customers in coming months.

Given that there are plenty of footwear retailers around and that they are all in competition, they’ve all had to look at how to react.

Their main reaction has been to avoid passing on increased costs to consumers. They realise that passing on the costs could make things worse.

So their reaction has been to keep retail prices down, with significant price drops in some areas. This is particularly clear online, where it’s now possible to find some real bargains when you come to do your shoe shopping.

Take advantage of this situation and you can significantly decrease the amount that you currently spend on a new pair of shoes. There’s no doubt that the money is better in your pocket than in that of a retailer!